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Brian Solis Is Featured in a Linkfluence Article Of 10 Experts on Leveraging Your Social Data

Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Linkfluence, chose Solis as one of the experts in his article “Social Media Insights: 10 Experts Share How To Leverage Your Social Data.”

Solis is quoted as saying: “Customers are connected and mobile-first, and they’re in control of their journeys and experiences. The pace of change for consumers and technology has never been faster. Yet, brands are still chasing customer intent through traditional means. The good news is that because of digital, customer signals give away exactly how to better serve them in every moment throughout their journey. Furthermore, in an era of machine learning, marketers can finally shift from trying to keep up with customer intent and instead, predict it.”

Decugis includes a “takeaway” section that has further insight from Solis. The essence of this is that most brands are currently concerned with what customers want in the moment. However, the greatest opportunity lies in predicting what they’ll want in the future. To do this, brands need to take advantage of predictive analytics and machine learning in order to identify and adapt to trends in consumer behavior.

Read the entire article here:

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