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Brian Solis Is Interviewed On Revoo Blog Podcast People Tell Richard Stuff

Solis was interviewed by Reevoo Founder and entrepreneur Richard Anson, who on his podcast People Tell Richard Stuff tracks down the marketers, businesspeople and characters he admires for a half-hour chat about how they got started, where they’re going and what’s happening in their industry.

Solis and Anson covered a wide range of topics:

  • Online/offline mergers and acquisitions (like Amazon/Whole Foods) and the strategy behind them;
  • Why removing beers from the office can be a fatal move;
  • Digital transformation done right – and wrong;
  • The right mindset for effective disruption;
  • The difference between startups and older businesses;
  • ‘Digital Darwinism’ – the evolution of tech, society and everything in between;
  • Examples of businesses that have revolutionised without losing revenue;
  • Where most businesses fail to evolve (with Kodak as an example);
  • Why we need a new breed of company leadership;
  • How innovations by tech companies change consumer expectations in all industries;
  • What Brian thinks is the right approach to change.

Listen to the podcast here:

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