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Brian Solis’ “Digital Darwinism” Is Referred To In A CIOReview Article Spotlighting Microsoft Azure


A trademark “Solis-ism” is prominently referred to in a CIOReview article in CIOReview by Rob Moyer, Senior VP, Cloud, Mobility and IoT for Syntex Corporation. The piece, titled, “Simplicity of Microsoft Azure’s IoT Solutions Makes Possible Rapid, Scalable Solutions,” the author discusses the promise of IoT technology and Microsoft’s huge $5 billion investment over the next four years in its Azure platform. He writes, “Microsoft is strategically positioning Azure at the center of that future by lighting up products and features rooted in extensibility and security with advanced data analytics at the intelligent edge of the network.

Later in the article, underscoring his point that such emerging technologies must be developed quickly, Moyer writes, “Brian Solis, author and principal analyst at the research and advisory firm Altimeter, coined the term Digital Darwinism to describe the phenomenon of technology and society evolving faster than an organization can adapt.”

Read the entire article here:

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