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Brian Solis Quoted Extensively In A Venture Beat Article About The Implications of Nasty Online Rhetoric


Solis and Two Hat Security CEO Chris Priebe are the main sources of insight and information presented in an article by the Venture Beat staff entitled, “Nasty online rhetoric hurts brands and business, not just our sense of niceness, based on a VB Live presentation.

The piece kicks off with a quote from Solis, whose book Lifescale is also mentioned:I want to quote the great philosopher Ice-T, who said recently, social media has made too many of us comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the mouth for it. Somehow this behavior has just become the new normal.

Hate speech, abuse and extremism have been building on themselves since the launch of the internet a few decades ago, Solis says, as social media and other online communities have given people more places s to interact online, with more people emboldened to say and do things they would never do in the real world.

“It’s also being subsidized by some of the most popular brands and advertisers out there, without necessarily realizing that this is what they’re subsidizing,” Solis adds. “We’re creating this online society, these online norms and behaviors, that are being reinforced in the worst possible way without any kind of consequences or regulation or management. I think it’s just gone on way too long, without having this conversation.”

Later in the article, Solis offers, “The communities themselves have to be accountable for the type of interaction and the content that is shared on those networks, to bring out the best in society,” Solis says.” “It has to come down to the platforms to say, what kind of community do we want to have? And advertisers to say, what kind of communities do we want to support? That’s a good place to start, at least.”

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