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Brian Solis’ Concepts of Disruptive Technology Quoted In Liberty Technology Advisors Article On Digital Transformation


Solis is quoted at the very top of a Liberty Technology Advisors piece by Rich Farrell called “4 Unlikeable but Critical Facts About Digital Transformation.” The author introduces his premise by writing, “Disruptive technology has the potential to disrupt markets, behavior, and processes models.”

Then he quotes Solis’s three concepts of disruptive technology:

Iteration: doing the same things better

Innovation: doing new things that create new value

Disruption: doing new things that make the old things obsolete.


Farrell asks “How does a company cope with all this disruption?” and answers, “Digital Transformation. He then proceeds to discuss the many DX strategies that companies use. He suggests four unlikeable but critical ideas to consider during the DX journey: fix the last tactical mile, there is a common thread in all successful DX implementations, DX it is not just a technical project, and you must lead DX from the top.

Read the entire article here:

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