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The Dynamic Future of Senior Living

Solis and fellow futurist Mike Walsh discuss the revolutionary future of senior living in an article spotlighting their unique individual views on a variety of related topics. According to Solis, the senior housing providers that “actively try to put themselves out of business” will be the most successful in 20 years.

From voice tech to AI to robotics, technology is having an impact today and will have an even greater effect in the near and distant future, Solis believes. “All these technologies will impact senior living communities and care,” he said. “What we’re seeing already is the easy-to-embrace technology impacting our day-to-day lives, starting with voice-activated devices. That’s because voice is essentially affordable and approachable by users and facilities alike.”

Already available in medications like Abilify MyCite, which is used to treat schizophrenia, pills with ingestion tracking systems will become more standard over the next decade, Solis predicted. With this technology, an ingestible sensor embedded in the pill records that the medication was taken – sending signals to a wearable patch that then transmits the data to a mobile app. He also foresees a “Fantastic Voyage” scenario in which health will be improved by tiny, ingestible electronic devices – chips and nanorobotics – that will be programmed to address specific health issues. “These are on the horizon right now. In many cases, it’s just a matter of approval and profitability.”

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