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Brian Solis Cited By For His Participation in the Milestone Systems’ MIPs Events


Solis is mentioned in an article by about Milestone Systems’ MIPs events, which highlighted the impact of innovation and blending human and machine intelligence.

Milestone Systems, a pioneer in open platform IP video management software, recently hosted the regional partner and customer events MIPS (Milestone Integration Platform Symposium) in Nashville, Copenhagen and Bali. The three events attracted nearly 2,000 attendees and 124 exhibitors, to discuss industry-relevant themes such as the impact of disrupting innovation, blending human and machine intelligence, and how the power of the platform economy is a game-changer for players who build intelligent video technology and security solutions.

Solis is referenced as one of the participating external professionals. Titling him “Futurist,” the article mentions his discussion of innovation in the era of Darwinism.

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