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Brian Solis’ “The State of Digital Transformation” Report Reveals The Secret to Innovation

The latest edition of Brian Solis’ “The State of Digital Transformation” report reveals that less than half of all businesses are really mapping out their customer’s journey and understanding how to connect with them. But in light of data breaches, privacy concerns and negative perception around tech, it has become even more important to understand the modern consumer’s behavior.

Solis examined how brands are evolving to reflect today’s society and adapting to the latest technological shifts. He says: “This year it’s clear that digital transformation is maturing into an enterprise-wide movement. Digital transformation is modernizing how companies work and compete and helping them effectively adapt and grow in an evolving digital economy. What’s also evident is that there is still much work to do as companies are, by and large, prioritizing technology over grasping the disruptive trends that are influencing markets and, more specifically, customer and employee behaviors and expectations.”

Solis’ report highlights 13 key factors for hindering innovation efforts. In 2018, executives cited a lack of data or Return on Investment as a key factor in adopting digital transformation. He also lists seven priorities for companies to focus on in order to accelerate their efforts.

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