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Econsultancy – What Are “Change Agents” and Why Are They the Future of Organisational Culture?

Econsultancy recently looked to Brian Solis and his published work, the Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto, while discussing digital transformation, posing the question, “What are change agents, and why are they crucial?”

Excerpt: The skills required to make someone a change agent are best summarised in the Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto, published by author and digital analyst Brian Solis. According to Solis, a change agent “can rise from anywhere in the organization….anyone who builds digital programs, infrastructure and capabilities as a part of their work or because they are passionate about digital can become a digital change agent.”

The manifesto also outlines four critical roles that change agents tend to assume some or all of within their organisations:

  • Data gatherer and storyteller
  • Influencer
  • Relationship builder
  • Champion

All of these are functions that, in Solis’ words, “actively foster agility, instill confidence, and promote communication and collaboration”.

Read the full article here:

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