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Rynda Laurel: Russell Brand to miss SxSW Keynote with Brain Solis. My thoughts & why I care.

Rynda Laurel, who coordinated a talk between Brian Solis and Russell Brand as the keynote to this year’s SXSW Interactive festival, recently addressed Brand’s decision to cancel his appearance, sharing her thoughts on his recent struggle to achieve sobriety in his life.


When Russell called me to tell me why he was not coming (and yes he actually called me because our correspondence had been direct and he is a stand up gentlemen behind that wacky persona), I understood his dilemma completely. He was finding it difficult to watch the film that was also premiering in Austin and although what we had setup had nothing to do with it, it was connected by circumstance. I understand because on a more personal level I share his journey of recovery and desire for self realization – the goal being to go from an empty self centered person using drugs and alcohol to fill the void, to a self aware person integrating love and spiritual principals to feel connected to humanity. I can’t imagine sitting through a movie of myself during such a journey and his is a million times more intense and public. Yes, I am disappointed, but ultimately I support Russell and his evolution to revolution.

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