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a.list: Influencer Marketing Focused On Long-Term Relationships, Hindered By Budgets, Report Says

Industry publication a.list recently took a look at Brian Solis’ Altimeter report on the current state of influencers, sharing conclusions along the way.


The most important question for marketers was why they turn to influencer marketing in the first place. Top marketing priorities among respondents were to raise brand awareness (47 percent), followed by calculating ROI and attribution (37 percent), Traackr found. These results are significantly different than a poll of 158 marketers by ANA in April, finding that 86 percent use influencer marketing for brand awareness. Another key difference between the two studies lies in compensation—while 62 percent of ANA members pay influencers monetarily, several respondents of Traackr’s survey, including Microsoft and Sipsmith, said that they rely more on relationships than paid agreements.

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