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UCToday: Deep Dive – “Contact Centre 2.0: The Rise of Collaborative Contact Centres”

Patrick Watson of industry blog UCToday recently did a review of Brian Solis’ report on the rise of collaborative contact centers, analyzing the conclusions and quoting from it extensively.


In a connected world, customers demand “Immediacy, convenience, and personalisation”. Answers can be found online in seconds to a vast array of questions, that in the past would have required research time. A journey, which historically would have required planning, can now be completed ad-hoc with satellite navigation or even an Uber. If a customer wants a specific food, they can use a variety of services for almost immediate delivery, right to their door. These expectational changes must now be reflected in the provision of CX within the contact centre, as more often than not the current experience is not as efficient.

Read entire article at UCToday

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