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Salesforce: Digital Transformation: Strategies for Success

The CRM software company Salesforce recently interviewed Brian Solis regarding tips and strategies for digital transformation, which they have included in a free report available for download at their website.


First, our North Star research surveyed almost 500 Salesforce customers at businesses spanning a range of sectors and geographies. The findings reveal the secret to what makes digital transformation a success and offers a unique insight that ambitious leaders can learn from. Second, we curated and interviewed a panel of executive Trailblazers from around the world, all of whom have successfully been through the digital transformation process themselves. We’re grateful for their time and expertise – and you’ll find their deep insights and recommendations throughout this report. Finally, we asked Brian Solis, the renowned futurist and digital transformation consultant, to provide his insights on the journey that so many businesses are embarking on.

Download the free report at

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