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Brian Solis’ Keynote Speech at Rome’s 2018 #EnelFocusOn Spotlighted On Enel’s Website

Highlights of Solis’ message at the 2018 #EnelFocusOn series of talks in Rome was featured in an article about the event on the Enel website. The site includes all information on the energy, gas, energy commodity and all environmental and technological innovation programs to promote sustainable development. The Enel Group is an Italian multinational energy company that is active in the sectors of electricity generation and distribution, as well as in the distribution of natural gas.

The section of the piece featuring Solis is called “Digital Darwinism.” This was his first visit to Rome and said that seeing the beautiful Trevi Fountain, being restored after decades of pollution, would be enough to convince him to buy an electric car. He added, “I am convinced that the future of our mobility is electric and shared. Today’s society is structured around what I call ‘digital Darwinism,’ in other words, an ecosystem in which technological development stimulates a continual redefinition of the paradigms.”

Solis believes that the success of e-cars depends mostly on a change in lifestyle, since cars are still a status symbol in countries like the U.S. and Germany. He says, “What’s good is that mobility in general is changing, and with that, our relationship to it: increasingly people are beginning to think about it not as a personal asset (the car) but as a service (car sharing).”

The article also features a large pull quote from Solis: “Only those who rapidly adapt and evolve survive, those who don’t are destined to succumb. So when a new form of technology comes along, we’d best adapt to it fast.”

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