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Employees Swipe Right to Personal Tech in the Workplace

The consumerization of IT has been long in the making. While it’s nothing new, the employee-driven trends of social media, BYOD (bring your own device) and BYOA (apps) in the workplace are only accelerating and proliferating. In addition to managing enterprise technology infrastructure and digital transformation roadmaps, IT must now balance the sanctioning and connectivity of new technologies while also managing and mitigating costs, compliance, security and data risks.

At the same time, employees will say, and attentive organizations will verify, that allowing employees to use their favorite devices, apps and networks in the workplace make them more productive. And, productivity carries advantageous benefits across the board. So what’s the right play for IT as organizations pursue agility, modernization and digital transformation?

To explore the answer, I’d like to introduce you to Ben Arnold, executive director and industry analyst for The NPD Group. He joins me on episode 8 of Digital Outliers where we discuss the contention between work and consumer digital lifestyles and how IT can take an active lead in defining the future of work.

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