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PlanningStrat-Station: How to Pitch Your Startup To Your Grandmother

by Chantal Garnier, PlanningStrat-Station (excerpt)

This recent PlanningStrat-Station article outlines how to compose a concise and simple startup pitch. In the article Brian Solis weighs in on the core questions every founder should consider, noting “I do not see enough founders really thinking about the problem that they are solving”.

From the article:


You simply forget to tell me which customers you address and which problem you are solving for them.

In the best case, you know the answers and just take them for granted. Please do not tell me that those who know will understand. At the description stage, we do not talk the technologist’s language. You need to be inclusive, understandable by everybody, even by your grandma. You will be able to give many technical details on your website or brochure.

If you do not know the answers, there is an issue. The reason to live of a startup is to solve a specific problem (some call it a pain) and bring a clear and innovative solution. Remember that the first mistake for a startup is to build something that nobody wants because it does not meet any need. But I am sure that you know the answers. You just do not spend enough time on them.

“I do not see enough founders really thinking about the problem that they are solving”

Brian Solis, expert in disruptive technology

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