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Marketing Directo: Brian Solis’ Infographic on Everything You Need to Know About Social Networks

from Marketing Directo (excerpt)

In this recent article, Spanish marketing site Marketing Directo featured Brian Solis’ social network infographic “Conversation Prism 5.0.” Solis explains the thinking behind the influential infographic: “It’s about reminding users that social media focuses on people as the center of online experiences. These platforms are much more than a series of broadcasting networks. Each of us is part of the experiences of others in this environment.”

From the article:

So, what do we mean by social media? Definitions you can find almost as many as platforms. Broadly speaking, we speak of a set of supports or platforms that make it possible to link information through the network of networks, generating virtual communities through which to inform, communicate or entertain us.

We know that this definition is quite generic and can be overturned at any time in the face of the constant evolution of the concept itself. But it serves as a starting point for the infographic on which this news is built.

This has been developed by the Allimeter Group digital analyst, Brian Solis, together with the JESS3 agency. The first edition of this colorful prism on social media was released back in 2013 at the South by Southwest held in Austin (Texas, United States).

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