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Nomiku: An Evening with Brian Solis and Friends!

by nomiku

Dear Nommunity:

Recently we gave you a preview into the scintillating sous vide life of Nomiku, with a FB live with Brian Solis and two of his good friends cooking some of their amazing sous vide dishes.

Brian’s friend Jeff graciously invited us to his home where he, along with their other friend Samir took us on a culinary thrill-ride extraordinaire. Allow us to take you along our special sous vide journey.

For the first course, Jeff cooked his five-star fennel with his very own home grown cherry tomatoes. The fennel was placed in the blissful Nomiku bath for about 30 minutes. Jeff then popped the fennel on the grill at the end for just a few seconds.

The time on the grill was very short, but it added a dimension of flavor we didn’t expect. Let’s just say this dish was so tender yet flavorful in a way we didn’t know fennel could be. Sous vide plus BBQ equals best friends forever.

Our minds were blown and our taste buds were not yet aware of what was to come…

Delicious and healthy sous vide lobster, homegrown honey carrots and asparagus. Just to be clear the carrots were grown in Jeff’s garden and the honey came from his very own bees. We were impressed.

Our minds were blown and our taste buds were not yet aware of what was to come…


Since the Nomiku was doing the heavy lifting after all the amazing prep from Brian, Jeff and Samir, we were able to socialize and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

Then came the delectable chicken prepared two ways, one curry and one yogurt. They were marinated and cooked sous vide for an hour before spending a few final seconds on the grill.

The last but not least final show stopper was Brian’s Texas meets Memphis fall off the bone ribs (trademark pending).

Here is Brian taking the ribs out of their bath.

We were very full at this point but once we laid our eyes on these ribs there was no going back:

They were spicy yet sweet in waves on our tongues. Let’s just say they packed a real punch in the flavor department. There were highly visible signs of drooling from all the face around the kitchen. Are you drooling by now? Rest assured we are not judging, we get it.

This enchanted evening was so special that it got us thinking… We’ve really got a good thing going here in that Brian, Jeff and Samir love to sous vide at homeby the fire. Could this become a thing?

Welcome to our new delicious series from Brian Solis & Friends! We want to share these and more amazing recipes with you from our friends. Stay tuned for more of our delectable new series, recipes included!

Nom tip: You can celebrate the meal (and life)… While it’s cooking!

P.S. We neglected to mention the wine pairings…

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