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Marketing Land: 10 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Mobile

Marketing Land: 10 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Mobile

by Aaron Strout, Marketing Land (excerpt)

As we continue to become a mobile-first world, the importance of companies getting their digital experience right with their key stakeholders becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, while many senior marketers understand the need to have a mobile experience, many are still getting it wrong.

[…] Many of the 10 mistakes below have been covered to some degree in past Marketing Land articles. But to keep myself honest, I asked my Facebook friends for their input. The outcome is a list of top mistakes many companies continue to make with their mobile experiences:


4. Treating mobile as a bolt onto the web experience

Brian Solis, author and principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, asserts that “thinking about mobile as a bolt onto the web experience and not designing for micro-moments and mobile-only journeys” is another mistake marketers make. This issue is related to, but not the same as, mistake number two.

Because most companies have invested in a website over the last 20 years, some have taken the easy way out when creating a mobile presence. This means either bolting on a smaller version of their site or creating a responsive experience that relies on basic templates versus expert strategy to make decisions on how content, design and navigation get treated on smaller mobile displays. This can result in clunky, disjointed experiences for mobile users.

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