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Entrepreneur: 7 Ways Marketers Can Reach Gen Z

by John Rampton, Entrepreneur

The youngest adults grew up connected. It’s only made getting attention possible, not easy.

A generation ago having a mobile phone, let alone a computer, that fits in your pocket was a novel thought but Generation Z was born with a mobile phone in hand. Today that mobile phone is a smartphone more powerful than the supercomputers of a few years ago. This cohort of consumers is more connected than any other, making them perhaps the most accessible age group of all time. Though the market is ripe for businesses, marketers and brands have consistently struggled to build relationships with this new generation of consumers. Here are seven ways marketing experts are doing it correctly.

1. Use the right ‘ROI’.

2. Be authentic.

3. Think fast.

4. Go native.

5. Focus

6. Strive for instant gratification.

Humans naturally enjoy being rewarded immediately rewarded, but Gen Z only knows a world with the immediate gratification of the Internet Age. With attention spans plummeting (down to eight seconds), 30 percent of users are only given content five seconds before leaving. Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, and author of X, The Experience When Business Meets Design. “Those that do not cater to them will find their market shrinking over time. Gen Z in particular, will find alternatives. If they can’t, they’ll build them.” Bring consistent value, keep your content digestible, or risk losing loyal followers.

7. Thank them with rewards.

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