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CBC News: Uber at Crossroads, Brian Solis Warns of Trouble Ahead

by Kim Brunhuber, CBC News (excerpt)

In a recent CBC News article on the rideshare app’s ongoing troubles, Brian Solis declares Uber’s brand ‘is at a crossroads.’ He goes on to warn that ongoing controversies could represent an ‘existential threat’ to the company.

More from CBC News:

Otto was bought by Uber, and now Google is suing.

Uber denies the allegations, but Silicon Valley analyst Brian Solis of the Altimeter Group believes the lawsuit could be an existential threat to the company.

“That represents a very significant challenge for Uber and could end up either killing the company or resulting in the type of payout that would significantly impact Uber’s profits over time,” Solis said.


And with this series of public relations disasters, analysts say other companies may be poised to profit from Uber’s misfortunes.

“Uber’s brand is at a crossroads,” Solis says. “I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to have a negative impact on its revenues.”

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