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CMSWire’s DX Summit: Tahzoo Digital Artist Captures a Unique View of the Conference

by CMSWire

To call Jen Adamski-Torres a visual learner is an understatement. She not only uses images, pictures, colors and maps to organize information and communicate with others, but she does so in the most artistic way.

As a participant at CMSWire’s second annual DX Summit, Adamski-Torres capitalized on her digital artistry to capture the conference in a series of relevant, engaging digital sketches.

A digital producer for Tahzoo, a Washington, DC-based digital customer experience agency, she shared her creations through a series of tweets that she later converted to a blog post.

It was a stunning and unique way to convey the essence of the digital experience conference. […]

dxsummit2016-jenadamski-torreslivesketchnotes_tahzoo__page_11 dxsummit2016-jenadamski-torreslivesketchnotes_tahzoo__page_12

…Adamski-Torres also related to comments from James Goldman, vice president of content marketing at Equinix. He spoke about producing content that has value.

“Who cares if you spent $5,000 developing a white paper? What else are you doing with it?” Adamski-Torres recalled. “Would anyone miss your content if it wasn’t there?” Adamski-Torres said we get caught up in developing the perfect content and white papers, but we need to make it “valuable for our connections and our customers.”

Adamski-Torres’ other DX Summit takeaways:

  • Less iteration, more innovation. It’s time to transform and take big risks and not just iterate all the time, Adamski-Torres learned from the presentation by Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company. […]

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