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CMO by Adobe: What CMOs Must Nail In 2017 To Succeed In The ‘Experience Business’

by Staff, CMO by Adobe (Excerpt)

For marketers, the more things change, well, the harder it is to keep up. That’s because, as we head into 2017, we know now that nothing will ever be the same in our new digital world where consumers are in charge.

So, strategically, what does that mean for CMOs? To find out, we turned to our network of top marketers and analysts, as we have done since 2011, and posed this year’s question: Digital transformation and becoming a “customer experience business” is clearly the future for marketing. What is the one thing CMOs must get right in 2017 to make that happen?

Here’s what they told us, plus don’t miss this infographic highlighting the main takeaways. […]

Customer experience is just that—what customers actually experience. CMOs must act less like “executives” or “marketers” to design meaningful, shareable, and unforgettable experiences in every moment of truth.
—Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group; Author, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design”


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