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Ready4S: 7 Most Reliable New Technology Researchers You Should Follow

by Michael Kowalski, Ready4S (Excerpt)

Mobile is clearly on its way to dominating the tech market. New products, technologies and apps rise to fame every day. How to make sense of the industry? Your best strategy is to follow these 7 new tech researchers and influencers to keep up with the latest developments in this dynamic and exciting sector. […]

BRIAN SOLIS     @BrianSolis


Brian Solis is a key influencer on the mobile scene. A digital marketing analytics expert, Brian is a recognized speaker and author of the recently published X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. He’s also behind various reports and research studies which examine mobile experiences. One of his recent studies is The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience where he examines how companies should think mobile-first and mobile-only. […]


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