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Inc.: 19 CMOs Reveal What They’re Eager to Read this Fall

by Shama Hyder, Inc.


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Since both my books, Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age, and The Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th Edition), are on bookshelves now, I’ve finally turned towards curating my own reading list for the fall.

For the ideal reading recommendations, I turned to some leading CMOs. Here are what 19 CMOs are eager to read this season: […]

12. Lisa Petrilli – CMO of TheThread.Life

Lisa Petrilli is Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Vanda Inc. and previously led a $750 million global medication delivery business at Baxter International. She is author of The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership eBook, and may be found on Twitter @LisaPetrilli.[…]


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