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USA Today: Yik Yak expands with new tools

by: Kimiya Manoochehri, USA Today (Excerpt)

Controversial campus app Yik Yak looks to make it easier to meet people around you.

The app, which students took to their own to talking about what was happening on campus, and often dived into what critics said were bullying tactics, looks to be a bigger presence off campus. […]

Brian Solis, analyst with the Altimeter Group, feels that it’s a smart move for Yik Yak to broaden its appeal. “Even Facebook had to leave the university system to attract a broader set of users and their friends.” said Solis. “It’s time the app grew up to turn a new level of hyper-local, contextualized form of social networking that combines the social graph of Facebook, the locality of Yelp and the serendipity of Twitter.” […]

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