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New Media and the Path to Business Transformation


I have a standing offer to all universities (around the world) that use my books as part of the editorial program. I will happily make time to speak to the class to address discuss the material and also answer student questions. In one such case, I joined my friend Kristian Strøbech who teaches budding media professionals at The Danish School of Media and Journalism along with his students for what turned out to be a fantastic conversation. I hope you agree.

For your review, I have embedded the full session. Here are 6 short cuts to Kristian’s personally selected highlights from our Google Hangout:

The path to digital transformation: Timecode: 09:13.

“A simple, but key question to ask yourself: What would my digital customer do differently than my traditional customer? Focus on behavior, not technology and suddenly, things like social and mobile start to come alive”.

Struggling to meet business goals: Timecode 12:08.

“Why is it so persistently difficult for many organizations to align social media strategy with clear business goals?”

Experience architecture is your challenge in social media: Timecode 17:14.

“Everybody is competing for the moment and it’s a bad habit. Think about content in social as a social object and start designing for the experience around that object.”

Organizational models for implementing social media. Time code 31:41.

“The holistic model is when use of social media is widespread throughout an organization and people use it like they use email. In the holistic model which is honestly far away, people are self governing, self aware, educated and also strategic.”

My advice on social media policy: Timecode 37:11.

“If you’re going to use social media in your job and it wasn’t part of your job when you were hired, you deserve a reward.”

On Lady Gaga and the force of community: Timecode 41:19.

Lady Gaga puts a smiley up on her Facebook wall and it receives 93.000 likes. Can we still talk of social media with such a mass phenomenon?

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