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Brian Solis and Ted Cohen Rock Digital Media Summit During Canadian Music Week

Brian Solis had the privilege of both keynoting Digital Media Summit and being interviewed by the one and only Ted Cohen, a visionary in the digital entertainment industry.

The duo discussed everything from the future of music, digital marketing to ISIS and how artists can thrive in an era of streaming music and declining royalty payouts. Watch the video below…

It’s Time to Move on to Social Media 2.0

Social Media is part of popular culture and has become standard in most marketing departments in brands and at agencies. Yet, social media is still undervalued and underperforming. It’s part the fault of executives not getting it. It’s also our fault. We’re not helping us or the industry and we need to.

Brian Solis is one of the founding fathers of digital marketing and also social media and in the raw conversation, he will share his thoughts on the state of the industry, challenge attendees to think differently and inspire them to pave the way for a brighter future.

Conference Recaps:


Ted himself.

Toronto Guardian


FYI Music News

Bring Brian to your event!

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