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When You Share Experiences You Help Strangers Make Decisions

Whether you realize it or not, when you share an experience you have, whether it’s through a post, review, video, image, rant, praise, etc., it helps a stranger make a decision about what to do next.

Customers aren’t following the customer journey you designed because they’re too busy hacking it. No matter how much journey work you do, no matter how creative your marketing, no matter how responsive your website is, no matter how much technology you invest in, customers trust the experiences of others over your words aka branding and the path you’ve laid out for them.

Businesses today must invest in experiences because that’s what people want. Customers aren’t looking for products, transactions, apps, retargetting, or anything that resembles a traditional cluster funnel.

While I was in London touring WTF, I spent time with Gabriella Laine-Peters and the LikeMinds team. We shot a short video that packs quite a bit in a few minutes.

Topics covered:

1. The Ultimate Moment of Truth and Shareable Experiences
2. Experience Architecture
3. Experiences are More Important Than Products
4. Digital Darwinism and Survival of the Fitting
5. Technology + Behavior = Relevance and Resilience
6. The Importance of UX and CX
7. #WDYSF – What Do You Stand For?
8. Brand 2.0

I hope it helps you!

Special thanks to Martin Soler of wihp (World Independent Hotels Promotion), Phil Butler of Pamil Visions and Gabriella Laine-Peters for their help in organizing a launch event for WTF. Also thank you to Benjamin Ellis who shared pictures from the event available on Flickr.

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13 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “When You Share Experiences You Help Strangers Make Decisions”

  1. JCGiraldo says:

    I like the part It’s not enough have a great product or service.

  2. JoannaRustin says:

    Timely for a project I’m working on today, especially the reminder that customers are already hacking their journey. Thanks Brian!

  3. dnheise says:

    Exactly. You can’t expect consumers to follow your “approved path”. Consumers are hacking
    our carefully-orchestrated customer experiences. That’s why in a truly experiential web experience, especially for e-Commerce, the rigid customer experience and purchase funnel don’t exist. Instead, you need to offer customers a truly omni-channel experience that provides a seamless experience and information that is actually useful and catered to what customers need and expect. Doing this means that wherever a customer is in the purchase process, they’re getting useful and user-friendly information all centered on their needs. The consumer is still in control, but you’re providing them with relevant choices and responding in real time to their responses. -Doug Heise, CoreMedia

  4. Rotimi Orims says:

    Great stuff as usual.
    Shared experiences = The “Ultimate Moment Of Truth” which potentially burgeons into more and more tiny moments that matter.
    Always great to see you reiterate (from newer angles and approaches) the same concepts that you have been teaching from the past, sir.
    All the best 🙂

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