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Brian Solis Interviewed in London About Digital Darwinism [VIDEO]

While in London promoting What’s the Future of Business (WTF): Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, Brian Solis spent some time with the folks who produce The Digital Marketing Show.

In this short video, he introduces the rise of Generation C and how an era of connected consumerism created the perfect storm for digital Darwinism to accelerate. He also discusses how the future of marketing takes more than technology, it takes a philosophical shift to create meaningful and shareable experiences.

It’s short (3 minutes) and hopefully helpful…

Brian appears at 0:47

Special thanks to Martin Soler of wihp (World Independent Hotels Promotion), Phil Butler of Pamil Visions and Gabriel Laine-Peters for their help in organizing this event. Also thank you to Benjamin Ellis who shared pictures from the event available on Flickr.

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