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GetVOIP: The 35 Best Entrepreneur Blogs

GetVOIP published a list of the “35 Best Blogs” to help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. Brian Solis was ranked number 1.


The road of the entrepreneur can be challenging and exhilarating, frustrating and isolating, inspiring and exhausting, sometimes all in the same week. For people invested in starting their own business, the perspective of others who have been there, who are there right now, can be invaluable. Blogs play a huge role in sharing information, opening up experiences, and encouraging entrepreneurs to take risks and work smarter. But wading through the thousands of blogs out there to get to the really good stuff is a daunting task. To get your 2015 blogroll off to a great start, we’ve rounded up a list of excellent blogs aimed at small businesses just getting started. In no particular order, here are 35 of our favorites.

1. Brian Solis

Blogger, author, speaker and self-proclaimed digital analyst/anthropologist/futurist Brian Solis has a lot to say about how disruptive technology intersects with our lives, both in business and in society as a whole. He works at the principal of the Altimeter Group, a research and advisory firm.

Click here for the rest of the list.

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