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WTF Makes the List: 8 eBooks Marketers Should Read in 2015

Jonha Revesencio writing for Huffington Post assembled a list of eight eBooks that marketers should read in 2015. Among the notable books on the list is Brian Solis’ new classic, What’s the Future of Business (#WTF).

8. Brian Solis – What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences

A book about right approach towards every step of your business’ growth from zero to hero. It makes you think and analyze. Highly recommend the digital version of the book, as it reminds more of a some entertainment book that you read just for fun yet very informative. Ebook version of the book is also available on Kindle device or using any software that allows you to access ebooks on your computer (I recommend using Icecream Ebook Reader or Calibre.

See the entire list at HuffPo.

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