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CITY A.M.: Who to follow on LinkedIn in 2015


Harriet Green with CITY A.M. pulled together a list of 5 business leaders to follow on LinkedIn. Among them is Brian Solis, Jack Welch, and David Edelman.


An article by this digital market analyst, 25 Technology Trends for 2015-2016, is currently the most read piece on LinkedIn’s Pulse, with almost 300,000 views.

Solis believes that the importance of cyber security will keep growing this year, and that YouTube, Vine and other video platforms will create a “new Hollywood” – an ecosystem that will bolster celebrities like the home of the entertainment industry did in the early 1900s. Wearables, he says, “will struggle to find their place in everyday life,” but mobile payments “will soon skyrocket”. Solis also predicts that combining mobile platforms with geolocation technology will help businesses connect with customers even more successfully this year, “with trust and efficiency serving as facilitators.”

Follow Brian Solis on LinkedIn

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