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Shel Holtz: The customer has spoken – Every employee must be socially engaged


Shel Holtz is a leading expert on employee and customer engagement and in this compelling article, he demonstrates quite convincingly the need to invest in engagement and new technologies to compete in the digital economy. Among the many stats and thought leaders Holtz shares in his work, he also featured the recent research by Brian Solis and LinkedIn on .


Employees who are socially engaged “are more likely to drive greater lead generation, cultivate innovation, and yield top talent,” according to the Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis, who reported on a a new Altimeter report. According to the study, companies with socially engaged employees—defined as one who uses social media to improve engagement and relationships with customers and colleagues—are 40% more likely to be perceived as more competitive, 57% more likely to get increased sales leads, and 58% more likely to attract top talent. These employees are also more likely to be inspired and optimistic about their company.

Relationship Economics: How to improve employee and customer relationships with social media by LinkedIn and Brian Solis from Brian Solis

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