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ClickZ: Brian Solis and the A.R.T. of Engagement

In this exclusive video interview with ClickZ following his keynote, Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis shares the importance of experience in each of the four moments of truth and explains how the “A.R.T.” of engagement can change marketing.

Companies need to rethink their business models and focus on the customer experience, journey, and relationships that they nurture, said Brian Solis, author, futurist, and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, at his opening keynote at ClickZ Live Chicago this week.

“Businesses are no longer the sole creator of a brand:it is co-created by consumers through shared experiences and defined by the results of online searches and conversations,” he said.

Solis spoke about actions, reactions, and transactions, or as he referred to it, the “A.R.T” of engagement in marketing. He explored the landscape of the connected consumer and how business and customer relationships unfold and prosper in four distinct moments of truth.

In this video interview, Solis reveals these moments of truth. He draws upon the importance of the “ultimate moment,” where those who can convert an experience into discoverable content in any one of the countless social platforms consumers use to stay connected, can become the true winners and change marketing and ROI forever.

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