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We Are All Millennials: The 7 Trends Changing the Future of Business

While Brian Solis was in Sydney earlier this year, he visited his friend Mathew Slavica, Founder of Digital Stand. The result of that conversation turned into a series of posts and a pretty incredible video.

Mathew wrote about the engagement on LinkedIn

If you had a chance to interview one of the world’s most original and prominent thought leaders in social and new media, what could you hope to learn about the future of business?

I had the opportunity to do just this when I met with Brian Solis (@briansolis). Brian is a recognized global thought leader in new media, best-selling author, and is a principal of the Altimeter Group.

Brian travels the world giving keynote speeches on this subject. He has delivered over 450 speaking engagements including SXSW, TEDx, and the Next Web. Brian also happens to be a LinkedIn Influencer.

So the opportunity to spend some time with Brian was not lost on me. Today I would like to share the key learning’s I took away from our conversation.

Mathew writes a pretty comprehensive synopsis of the conversation spanning 7 themes.

1. The Connected Consumer

2. The Democratization of Media

3. Moments that Matter

4. Designing the Future

5. Our Custmers

6. What Brands Should Do

7. Why It Matters

For the entire series, please click here and here.

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