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30 Expert Marketers You Should Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

Murray Newlands writing for Inc. assembled a list of 30 of the world’s top marketers. He states that each are worthy of following if you’re a business owner or marketing professional seeking to break through the noise. These distinguished marketers are the top influencers within their particular fields and have proven that they are the very best of the best. If you’re new to marketing or simply in need of some inspiration, this list is exactly what you need to reinvigorate your efforts and start making progress on the right path.

Brian Solis among other incredible people were included on this list.


Brian Solis is a Principal Analyst for a company called Altimeter Group. He works with a range of businesses on projects requiring new media strategies and emerging technologies. He is well-known as a “futurist” and has a long history of creating successful frameworks that influence not only business and marketing–but society. Solis is very talented at what he does and his page should not be missed.

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