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Bloomberg: Zuckerberg’s Snapchat Envy Isn’t Disappearing

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., in San Francisco.

Mark Milian of Bloomberg Businessweek took on Facebook’s attempts to compete against or outdo Snapchat. The article included thoughts by Brian Solis.

The allure of Snapchat is hard to ignore. Following is an excerpt of Milian’s blunt take

Mark Zuckerberg’s Snapchat envy shows no signs of abating. Facebook’s various photo-messaging apps and add-ons haven’t managed to replicate Snapchat’s popularity for any extended period of time, according to data from researcher App Annie. However, the latest attempt, a limited geographic release of an Instagram offshoot called Bolt, so far looks to be the most promising.

“The blatant attempts to directly compete with fast-moving apps like Snapchat is maybe not the best for public relations,” says Brian Solis, an analyst at research firm Altimeter Group. “It sends a signal that there’s an inability to see what’s next or an inability to innovate. It’s starting to look a wee-bit desperate.”

Full article here.

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