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Brian Solis to Open MIT Platform Strategy Summit


MIT is pleased to announce a special summit covering platform-centered economics and management, which will take place on Friday July 25th, 2014. This event will gather a global community of executives to explore the economics and management of platform-centered markets and discuss their implications for managers, industry and governmental policy.

Brian Solis will present the opening keynote. Other incredible speakers include: Ming Zen (CSO of Alibaba), Rich Miner (Founder Google Android), JP Rangaswami (CSO Salesforce), Andrew Rosenthal (CSO Jawbone), Peter Evans (VP, Center for Global Enterprise), Jose Fuentas (Founder, Duolingo), Eileen Gittins (CEO, Blurb), John Hagel (Author & Co-Chair Deloitte), Stephane Kasriel (EVP Elance-oDesk), and Songyee Yoon (CEO NC Soft)

Full details at MIT.




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