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The Pivot Conference Unveils the Future of Business, Technology and Society; New Format Helps Executives and Strategists Chart a New Course Toward Market Relevance


The Tomorrow Project, LLC, Brian Solis and Momentum, the organizers of Pivot, today announced the agenda for the 2014 Pivot Conference scheduled for October in New York City.

The Pivot Conference takes place October 16-17 at the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square and is produced by Brian Solis, principal analyst with Altimeter Group and author of the recently published best-seller What’s the Future of Business.

The Pivot Conference is the annual gathering of the leaders of social/mobile/digital initiatives for major organizations at the forefront of business transformation.

Pivot 2014 will be comprised of two distinct one-day events under the unifying theme of The Digital Imperative. The first day will feature in-depth conversations relating to the Creative Disruption of Business and Society and the concluding day will feature interactive presentations relating to The Digital Customer Experience.

More than 20 on-stage session are planned covering topics as diverse as…

– The ascendance of the maker, sharing and connected device economies & the twilight of ownership

– “They Don’t Want to Work for Us.” Winning the Battle for Millennial Talent

– A Return to Simplicity: Living Small, Living Flexible, Living Mobile

2014 participants are yet to be announced however Pivot 2013 participants included Pete Cashmore (CEO, Mashable), Paul Marcum (then Director, Global Digital Marketing, GE, now Head of Global Digital Innovation, Bloomberg), Rich Riley (CEO, Shazam), Esther Dyson (Chairman, EDVenture Holdings), and Bre Pettis (CEO, Makerbot), among many others.

The future of business is not what it used to be and this year’s 2014 Pivot Conference will reveal not only what’s changing but also why and what to do about it right now,” remarked Brian Solis as to why this year’s conference is noteworthy. “Often, business and technology conferences miss the real drivers affecting change and at Pivot we are opening up Pandora’s box to take these challenges head on. We handpicked this year’s speakers to bring our unique story arc to life and motivate attendees into action.”

More details and the full agenda can be found at

About The Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Project is the most flexible yet focused, powerful yet approachable partner for those organizations at the forefront of understanding, building and benefiting from the Social Construct. The Social Construct is nothing less than a change in how people have chosen to live. The current generation has discovered the first ever opportunity, via Social, to interact with technology in a purely human fashion. Social lets people do what they have always done, but expanded and intensified. And people worldwide have willingly altered the way they live: how they buy, date, learn, celebrate, mourn, tell tall tales, build influence, and choose leaders.

The Tomorrow Project accomplishes this through events, both public — notably the Pivot conference and Social Week — and private; research, and a wide range of partnership activities and facilitations. Our projects help organizations understand that a human-centric worldwide network has impacts beyond changing the way organizations communicate. This network allows them to nurture connections to all the humans that matter to them — from employees, to prospects, to governments, to their largest customers — and demands that they develop new products and management methods in order to grow their businesses toward a future where traditional approaches to success will no longer hold.

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About Momentum Event Group

Momentum is a leading international event creation and execution specialist working with numerous partners in order to bring their brands to life through customized live-event experiences. With an emphasis on rigorous research and world-class customer service, its team comprises many of the leading names in event creation and execution. For more information about Momentum, visit

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