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IBM: Innovation and the Adoption of Cloud Computing

IBM’s Casey Lucas recently explored Brian Solis’ 12 Pillars of Innovation and how it applies to the adoption of cloud computing.

Here’s an excerpt of the post

Adoption of the cloud is on the rise amongst companies of all sizes, all around the world. It is recognized by industry professionals as a cost-effective, reliable, and low-risk technology that can assist the growth and development of all types of businesses. Companies are adopting the cloud for a variety of reasons and to meet their unique individual needs and requirements. One of the most frequently cited reasons of cloud adoption, according to Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, is that of innovation.

In his article, How to Build a Culture of Innovation , Solis expands upon the impetus of the adoption of the cloud by businesses and highlights twelve important categories that serve to foster innovation within them. Upon researching successful businesses to determine what factors they had in common, Solis explains that, “the goal each share is to more effectively compete for the future by striving to earn relevance today. These business… recognize people and how they can help build an alternative yet complimentary destiny by working together, across functions, to build something new… as long as they’re empowered, recognized, and rewarded.”

You can read the entire post here:

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