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Over the last few years in particular, Brian has been asked by leading retail brands and industry organizations to study and present on the future of retail As a result, Brian has studied in depth how mobile, social, and disruptive technology is affecting the in-store experience. More so, he’s observing the role of technology and its impact on the entire customer experience. He’s noting what’s gaining traction as well as those that fail and why. Additionally, Solis is also looking at how retailers are exploring technology, what’s working, what’s not working and what it takes to transform. He’s compiled a compelling series of lists, examples and presentations that help strategists define a strategic roadmap to the future…today.

In Brian’s latest research, he’s studied the digital customer experience (DCX) and how multi-channel journeys are broken and where they need to be fixed and how. For example, he found that many journeys require multi-screen hops which lead to abandonment before online or in-store commerce can unfold. He’s also looked at how the DCX and today’s CRM systems are disconnected. In these cases, Brian worked directly with Sephora, Westfield, Starbucks and Hard Rock to understand challenges, follow steps taken toward resolution and also to provide insights into recommended next steps. Some of this work was included in his latest report on digital transformation.

Long before that report, Brian was already fascinated with changes in the space. One company that has impressed him is Sephora and as a result, the company’s Chief Digital Officer joined Brian Solis on his show Revolution.

Brian has also keynoted some of most respected events on the future of retail. He shared his insights on how to best serve connected customers, build loyalty and also curb “showrooming” at CRMC (designed for retailers by retailers) and NAMM (National Association of Music Retailers). Here is a bit of media reaction to Brian’s presentation at CRMC: C[IQ] and Retail NEO

Recently, Brian has also directly worked with Whole Foods and Banana Republic to better understand the connected customer and how to build out strategies for every step in the customer journey (before, during, and after transactions).

Did you know? Brian also developed an in-store augmented reality platform for a national supermarket chain so customers could hover phones over promoted products to learn more virtually about each without scanning a code or installing special apps.

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