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Can Twitter make shareholders, users happy at the same time? Brian Solis shares his thoughts with Al Jazeera

With Twitter lighting up the NYSE on its opening day, Al Jazeera’s Verne Kopytoff called Brian Solis to discuss what’s next. As Kopytoff notes, “With its IPO behind it, the social media powerhouse’s commitment to some long-held ideals could be challenged.”

Here are a few of Solis’ thoughts from the article

“Every company is pressured by shareholders,” said Brian Solis, an analyst with Altimeter Group. “And shareholders don’t always have the best interest of users at heart.”

Solis, the analyst, voiced optimism that Twitter’s executives would find the right balance.

“It has to monetize its service in some way or form,” he said. “For users to complain about that is selfish.”

Changes inevitably create some backlash. But in the end, said Solis, Twitter’s track record speaks for itself.

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