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Forbes Publishes Back-to-Back Interviews with Brian Solis on the State of Social Businesses and Why Many Brands are Anti-Social

In his popular column in Forbes, business author Rob Asghar interviewed Brian Solis for two in-depth, back-to-back stories on how to build a true Social Business and why most businesses are Anti-Social in a Social Media era.

Building A Truly Social Business: A Conversation With Brian Solis


Digital technology expert Brian Solis is one of those lucky souls who seems to be described more often than not as a “visionary,” for the manner in which he has seen and described an organizational future driven by new digital technology. In a new short-form e-book co-authored with Charlene Li, The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy (published by Wiley Jossey-Bass), Solis presents a specific vision of “social business,” which goes beyond lip service in an age in which we talk about social more than we do social.

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Why Most Businesses Are Anti-Social In A Social-Media Era


The CEOs have to focus on bottom-line business outcomes, Solis says, and too few social-media workers appreciate this. “In order to earn executive support, you have to empathize with a day in life of your executive.  Think like the executive.”  Solis proposes a modest, non-revolutionary approach.  “Having the executives change their philosophy is too hard a task,” he argues. Rather, he recommends that social-media strategists step up and own the task of better connecting their activities to the bottom-line business outcomes that the CEO is beholden to.

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