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Be on your best behavior! Behavioral expert Kare Anderson on how to design idyllic experiences

“If we feel instinctively liked by someone else then we tend to project unto them the qualities we like in other people…and that’s priceless.”

Those are the wise words of Kare Anderson, expert on the art and science of understanding and perfecting behavioral cues. As she shares, emotion precedes rational thought. In this episode of Revolution, we learn about the importance understanding what we do and don’t appreciate in others to improve how we connect and communicate. If you’re aware of what of these nuances, you can bring out the best in other people including yourself. Kare’s work doesn’t just focus on real world or even interactive engagement. She believes that the same techniques can be applied to improve design, user experience, and ultimately relationships.

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Shot on location at The Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco

10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Be on your best behavior! Behavioral expert Kare Anderson on how to design idyllic experiences”

  1. Dave Crenshaw says:

    This is a very rich interview, Brian. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Arushi Gupta says:

    This was a great interview, very enriching to see how deep of an effect our inner emotions have on our explicit behavior and not just on our mental state. It truly illustrates importance of understanding psychology and being happy to make others happy.

  3. Behavioral traits has got an important role to play in success of every individual – be it at workplace or home. we must constantly improve our behavior in terms of business language
    understanding, build our capabilities to be a better communicator and work towards solving problems, a mantra well followed at global marketing and communication team at Synechron.

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