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Angel Investor and Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier Starts Music Incubator

When he’s not starring in movies and television, Adrian Genier is a serial entrepreneur. Most recognized for his role as Vincent Chase in HBO’s Entourage, and also the upcoming movie, Grenier has co-founded or invested in several companies including SHFT, Fansnaps, and Churchkey Can Co. Now he’s at it again but this time, he’s changing his tune.

While at SXSW in Austin, I spent some time with Grenier to talk about his new music incubator, The WRECKROOM. The idea is not unlike tech incubators planting seeds of innovation around the world. WRECKROOM is a collaborative space built in Grenier’s home in Brooklyn. Artists are encouraged to come by, write and collaborate. And for those artists that get the attention of the team, recording and distribution could be a possibility.

On the website, you’ll see and hear some of the WRECKROOM’s current portfolio including Caldwell, a band he formed with Emily Caldwell. While on set, we were also introduced to another WRECKROOM project, The Skins, a band that I also fell in love with during their live performance that followed this interview. Let’s hear from Adrian now on this latest episode of Revolution.

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18 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Angel Investor and Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier Starts Music Incubator”

  1. David Halver says:

    I had the pleasure to get to know Adrian while working on Entourage. After working on 60+ films over 30+ years, how refreshing to meet an honestly down-to-earth young man who is truly grateful for his success; but amazingly hasn’t let it get to his head (like so many idiots in this business). I wish him continued success with everything he touches!

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  3. Teri Conrad says:

    Fabulous! In this world of Big Data, I love that there are still some gut decisions and ‘staying the course’ because you believe in what you doing. “Not equate HITS with success”! (What a genuinely nice guy 😉 ) Have I mentioned I LOVE Revolution!?

  4. Old school says:

    Sad that Adrian repeats the tired and hackneyed canard that the record industry pitted bands against each other and hosts of other evil practices, and grabbed all the coin, I guess that is why McCartney is so broke today, Elton John as well, etc.. Really? wow, the industry seemed better in those awfuls years when the big awful music industry was healthy. Motown, for one, was the quintessential “incubator” and provided all the Adrian is now trying. The record biz grew to be less artist friendly as lawyers and accountants took over, (80s) buit it was not always that way. Take A&M Record, started by artist, not sharks. I hate when folks just parrot these simplistic snipes of the bad old days vis-a-vis record industry. . As far as the newish incubator, good for Adrian, but let’s not rewrite history to somehow elevate a perception of a fairly dismal present day reality. The web is, not necessarily, the panacea to fill the vacuum which was once the “record industry” which was, by the way, killed by the unbridled piracy engendered by a fast growing internet.

  5. Chris Romero says:

    Went to LaGuardia HS with Adrian & Damian and am happy that they are using their talent to push the envelope and help artists!

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