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USA Today’s Jon Swartz on the The Urgency of Now

Jon Swartz is a veteran technology reporter based in Silicon Valley currently covering emerging and disruptive tech at USA Today. This is the second time we’ve invited him to Revolution. His take on news trends is less about hype and more about how technology impacts everyday business and society. Sometimes technology is the solution as much as it is part of the problem. For consumers, the ability to use mobile, social and the web is not only enlivening real-time experiences, it’s also delivering immediacy to e-commerce and social commerce.

On this episode, Jon and I explore the importance of “the urgency of now” and how its changing the landscape for commerce. From shopping to how we pay for what we want, and the technology that changes customer expectations along the way, businesses must now evaluate how to adapt to not only react but lead customer experiences before they fall to digital darwinism.

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The End of Business as Usual is officially here…

7 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “USA Today’s Jon Swartz on the The Urgency of Now”

  1. Madonna Machado says:

    I appreciate these perspectives. The urgency of deliberately creating now . So we can benefit from the fast moving changes . Cashless world. ” Less” is “More”. I am one who tends to drag my feet when changes start to emerge. I need to change that NOW. Thank you

  2. The trick, as always, with the Urgency of Now is to balance between a well-ordered, well-considered path/strategy and not be seen as – or actually – jumping on every gimmicky bandwagon/throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick.
    Brian, your books, which I enjoy, sometimes seem repetitive/redundant, but you are just trying to drive home the point(s) – and like hitting a nail with a hammer, it takes more than one swing to drive it in/’home’. Carry on!!

  3. Kevin Morgan says:

    Speaking of the Urgency of Now and a “Cashless Sociey” have you seen Chirpify. Allows users to make purchases in-stream on twitter and instagram

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