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The New Social Producers

Miles Fisher may not be a household name, but chances are, you may have already seen his work. Perhaps you’ve seen his Tom Cruise spoof in Superhero movie or the clip that’s still making the rounds on the Web. Or maybe you’ve seen his clever rendition of “This Must be the Place” by the Talking Heads shots as a video homage to American Psycho.

While many hopeful souls move to Hollywood with dreams of getting discovered and becoming the next “it” person, Miles Fisher had another idea. His plan was simple, but far more complex. His goal was to make Hollywood come to him. Viral hit after Viral hit, Fisher earned the attention of TV executives, movie producers while also build a loyal community along the way.

In just the past few years alone, Fisher has appeared on Gossip Girl, Mad Men and also earned roles in J. Edgar and Final Destination 5. It was Final Destination 5 where Fisher was given a unique opportunity to create one of his trademark videos as a social marketing vehicle for the movie. He recorded “New Romance” as a parody to the movie but set in a perfect recreation of the popular late 80s early 90s television series Saved By The Bell.

I’ve followed Miles work over the years and while in Los Angeles, I invited him to the Revolution set to share his vision for the future of social production and how it differs from traditional media development. More importantly, we review how to bring the two together to inspire a new genre of engaging and shareable content production and marketing.

Great content = engaging + discoverable
Great social content = engaging + discoverable + shareable

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9 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “The New Social Producers”

  1. Werner Keil says:

    He looks a bit like a younger Tom Cruise (including the smile;-) but aside from that I never heard of him.

  2. I agree with you, Werner Keil! It really is very similar to Tom Cruise in his youth.

  3. JLThomas says:

    I agree Brian….he is a good disrupter to watch. Having started in traditional media production but doing increasingly more on the social side, the mindset required to successfully create for each is increasingly different to the point of becoming an entirely different game.

  4. Jindrich says:

    Why to watch? Why not to be rather involved in life’s actions. Lets be more participants, not spectators, guys:).

  5. Ahh Dam alot similiar than him before your post i never know him because i am not interested in shows but miles fisher have some increadiable looks and also done a great work too.

  6. Jason Murphy says:

    Making a name for yourself by behaving like someone else; sounds like marketing to me.

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