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Click Your Way Through the Twitterverse

Guest post by Laura Fitton (@pistachio), founder,

Back in 2009 when @oneforty was a mere gleam in my eye and Twitter for Business was barely understood, our friend and advisor Brian Solis teamed up with @Jess3 to map the newly-exploding Twitterverse.

Their 2011 Twitterverse organizes the chaos by function. IF you have time to search through the complex graphic, look up the items, try to discern which tools are right for your business… getting tired yet?

That just got a lot easier.

Introducing the Twitterverse Console. Click any app to see if it’s right for your business. Know immediately who else uses it, how well it works, tips on getting the most from it and examples of how it’s being used.

Steal this map!

Grab the Console and post it ANYWHERE for handy reference – your intranet, your site, your blog. Share it with readers, send it to your clients. Download the .html code right now, or click the Get for Your Site button on the console anytime.

The Twitterverse. Now Clickable!

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21 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Click Your Way Through the Twitterverse”

  1. I love it, any chance for a text based version? An ordered list of all the categories, names, urls (company and oneforty)?

  2. what a awesome post Brian… As usual, you always come up with some interesting facts and stories… and this time too.. You rock man!!!

  3. Wow. You just keep swinging for the fences. Knocked it out of the park on this one, mister.

  4. Magaret says:

    Thanks,so many things I don’t know about twitter

    doorbell intercom system

  5. I love when you tell me to steal things. Because I will! Thank you!

  6. These are very valid points. In the automotive industry, you can see many brands investing in creating valuable content on social media platforms to engage current and potential customers and to create a community around their brand.

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