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Will You Lead, Follow, Ignore? The Choice is Yours

Yes, while it’s a bit dramatic, its design is intentional.

This is a rare moment in history where, if we take “social” media out of the discussion and we stop looking at Twitter and Facebook for just a moment, we can focus on what’s truly important.

Right here, right now, what makes this time so special, is you…

This is about empowerment. This is about not just having a voice or the ability to express it, but to connect people and also their ideas around it.

You have the ability to bring about change…to lead. This is your time to shape a generation fully capable of upsetting the balance of power across industries and sectors to place people, once again, at the center of everything we do.


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  1. Judith Copeland says:

    Wonderful, cracked me up, already bought the book!

  2. Brian, this one really hits home for me, well said. Finding a valuable community to join can be a challenge but starting your own and leading one is an entirely different animal! Sometimes the most unlikely person becomes a leader. And a long legacy of leadership or years of expertise in the area doesn’t necessarily qualify you or make you a better leader. In our life we’re probably the leader and follower at times. In fact, sometimes being a follower, though it carries a stigma, takes more courage and vision than being the one in charge.

    Early on, I felt very unworthy and the least likely choice to lead. But then I realized that normal ordinary people like me are leading out in small ways everywhere by pursing their passion. There are ordinary people quietly doing extraordinary things because they want to change things for the better. And I think that’s all you need to get started is passion and a vision for something important–and the determination to do it. All the credit really belongs to the inspired people who are willing to support and follow you. They become the reason your vision is important and valuable and come into the foreground as you slip into the background.

    • briansolis says:

      Bryan, I appreciate this comment, perhaps more than I can express here. You, my friend, have done something quite remarkable and it's helped many far beyond OC…you are a leader.

    • Coach Dawn says:

      Loved this comment Bryan! As a sports coach, having leaders and followers is the only way our teams can function…and those roles can change or be cyclical. I think being a follower gets a bad rap, but with all the talk of leadership, who'll they lead if no one is willing or understands how to follow?

  3. mckra1g says:

    Yet another example of my social web telling me to put up or shut up. Thanks for the kick in the seat. Best, M.

  4. Brian, I'll admit, your book is as hard to get through in places as David Kilpatrick's great 'Facebook Effect' is a breeze to get through. Maybe your conversation style is just that much different than my brain – at times, I feel like you're saying the same thing in 1,000 different ways – then I get to a nugget like the part about the 'Attention Rubicon' and 'continuous partial attention'(!) and my ears perk up and my brain starts whirring. I WILL make it through this book, even if it takes until next year for someone like me with CPA (continuous partial attention) and it's got enough nuggets, thought-provokers to make it worth the sometimes rough slog;-)

  5. Elisha Tan says:

    Brian, if you ever need someone to help you in research or anything, I'll be glad to do it for free. You're the thought leader in this field so it'll be so cool to learn how you lead. 🙂

  6. Dr Iris says:

    wow–this looks like a must read!

  7. I thought I was watching a 'Star Wars' prequel trailer for a second, ha.

    The ad certainly leaves an impression. 🙂

  8. Wow – that's a pretty dramatic trailer for a book, but as I have read Engage, the drama is fitting. Your book is a game-changer and full of examples. In a small corporation (30-50 staff), can leaders within the ranks drive a movement that management is reluctant to embark upon? Or must the movement wait to be driven by management who lead by example?

  9. jonathanfrei says:

    I love that book trailers are a thing now… very engaging.

  10. DavidMcGraw says:

    Reaction: Chills and energy running through my veins. I have read 2/3rds of Engage, I got bored and disengaged. Now, I feel like I might have missed something. Guess it is time to pick it back up.

    • briansolis says:

      David, I think it's more about what you do with everything you're learning…from every source. This is an inflection point where we graduate from champion to leader.

    • DavidMcGraw says:

      As an executive coach and consultant, I find people/companies struggle to transfer what they are learning into meaningful action.

      We are saturated with information. Our daily intake is on the upswing and we don't know what to do with all the information we acquire. We don't stop. We seek new perspective and knowledge from every source we can get our hands on. This results in acquiring a great amount of information in a short period of time. All this information is mixed up and fragmented in our thoughts. We struggle to retain and remember what we have intended to learn. This pattern continually repeats itself and we become paralyzed by inaction.

      The inflection point kicks in when we decide we are intentionally learning for the purpose of committing to take action.

    • Richard Catalina says:

      David, I agree – 100%. Thx.

  11. We speak your name. Love it Brian. When I'm doing social media training for clients and suggest books they should read, yours is always on the top of the list!

  12. Richard Catalina says:

    Thanks for the morning chuckle! :-D. Really. I liked it. No, really, I really did like it. Because I have this issue – where IS this all going? Doesn't it seem like we are all particpating in this SocialMedia phenom just because everyone else is doing it? And if we don't do it, then we will be left behind . . . in . . . the . . . what? I get it, but I still don't get it. When will we see true conversion to really money-making that will move markets? I don't mean for the people and companies that build apps and other tools to assist the participation, but to the individuals and businesses that are investing ridiculous amounts of time? Let's face it, participating in the Social Media Game takes HUGE amounts of time. Hours per day that I really need for other tasks. Will there be a payoff for the Common Person??? Thx, Brian.

    • Richard says:

      PS – Obviously, I need to read the book, as my perspective in this regard is one of ignorance. thx. RAC

  13. JEBworks says:

    If you make a trailer, might as well make it one that wakes people up! Well done. Got the book, I think the day it was published and it's now marked in yellow highlighter throughout. As Barney wrote, it's not always the easiest read but then most books with substance aren't. I'm not looking for an easy read of fluff, like so much that's out there disguised as business books or social media “how-to's” focusing on the tools without first addressing the essential issues of objectives and strategies. Thanks for not adding to the noise but raising the signal!

  14. Dan Holden says:

    Very dramatic, but I like it!! Hehe. Brian does Hollywood.

  15. Hi, Really good trailer indeed. Book bought, need now to read it!

  16. Hey pretty cool! I like your style Brian!

  17. Hi Brian, I don't like it, too dramatic without much content and engagement 🙂 cheers, evowo from Berlin Germany

  18. Ian Huckabee says:

    I love it. People need to be woken up. Make the movie! (I hear Scott Rudin's really into social media these days.) I really appreciate the book, Brian. I've studied, researched, and implemented strategies for years, but having everything so organized is really helping me help others. I even carry a version in my iPhone as well. Thanks for taking the time. Do DevLearn! Looks like E-learning needs you too!

  19. Eileen Hung says:

    I haven't seen many trailers for books, but this definitely caught my attention. It reminded me of the trailers Pixar released for “Wall-E.” They used the emotional connection the audiences had with their past movies, such as “Toy Story” and “Monsters, Inc.,” to get audiences to watch their new movie without haven't to expose too much. They had build up quite a setup that the audience felt like they would miss out if they didn't watch “Wall-E.” That's what the “Engage” trailer was trying draw from the audience. By social media name dropping, I can't help but feel like I'll be left behind if I don't read this book. Excited to see what the book is all about!

  20. Hi Brian. I am Scandinavian, and my first impression of the first few chapters of Engage was that it was pompous. I still think it is. But I have learnt now that this is your style, and how you are branding yourself. Beneath all that there is substance – and I know that. Though I must admit that you are repeating yourself now and again in the book. But hey – in music there repetitions as well. That's what makes it easier to sing along.
    The trailer is very dramatic, but again – It's your style.
    I have found that beneath that style of yours there is a genuine belief and constant drive that produces new ideas and thoughts because of the waves you make when moving through the fluctuations of the digital atmosphere. You are creating the stream along with all of us. Because of who you meet and who you engage with. And all of this is actually a bit dramatic. It's not what you do but how we react to what you do or say that matters – am I right?

    I showed this trailer to my wife who is not at at all into my world..
    Her comment was, and I quote:
    ”If he made this himself, then he's a jerk. But I can see why you like him Nickolass”
    Cheers from Norway.

    • briansolis says:

      Thank you for the comment Nickolass. I should be clear, the video was a gift from a good friend of mine…Andrew Landini. He was inspired and caught “in the moment” by what the book meant to him and this is what he created. If it inspires someone to this extent, all I can do is say thank you and share his creation.

      I met some wonderful people yesterday in Dayton Ohio who said that the book inspired them to stop what they were doing and to finally pursue their dream…after reading Engage they started

      The book is about empowerment. This is about creating your own path, sparking new ideas, and chasing them to reality. Everything I write and share is meant to help those who want to make a difference and transition from cheerleader to leader.

      This is worth repeating.

      Pompous? No…
      Helpful? I hope so…

      Thanks again for your support Nickolass! I hope to see you in Norway one day…

    • “from cheerleader to leader” 😉
      Thank you for responding. And yes the book is helpful. I might invite you over for your next book release. Have some mountainpeaks that would make a fantastic location for a top release. I am not kidding.
      Have a nice day. I have to go move some snow – winter came early this year.

  21. Drew says:

    I have to admit, I was on the fence about Engage, and the video swayed me. Sure, it's overblown and dramatic, but it's also very well done.

    “Engage” is now in my Amazon shopping cart.
    Which brings to me to one nitpick…finishing that ad with “In Bookstores Everywhere”???
    Shouldn't there be a link to the iBook/eBook version? Or at least a link to Amazon, BNonline, etc?

    I'm looking forward to reading this.



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